Dylan Janak's Paper Accepted at TAC

Exact Computation of Maximal Invariant Sets for Safe Markov Chains—Lattice Theoretic Approach

Yuanqi Mao Gave a Talk at Space InterAgencies G&C V&V Workshop

Successive Convexification with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications for Spacecraft Rendezvous

Hamza Bourbouh's Paper Accepted at TCPS

From Lustre to Simulink: reverse compilation for embedded systems applications

Sarah Li's Paper Accepted at Automatica

Bounding Fixed Points of Set-based Bellman Operator and Nash Equilibria of Stochastic Games

ESA project AI-TIVE Kick-off

Arash Sadeghzadeh's arrival

Arash just arrived in the group as a postdoc. Prior to this, he was a researcher at TU Eindhoven. Welcome Arash!

Yuanqi Mao's Arrival